Jerusalem Camp Info

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All Star Israel Sports Camp runs throughout July and most of August - campers can be registered for any number or combination of weeks.

The camp is for boys and girls entering Kindergarten and Grades 1–10. Grades 9-10 participate in our great "CIT Program".

Camp is based primarily at Kraft Family Stadium, with swimming generally at the indoor Beit HaChayal pool, and amazing activities and trips to various great locations.

Transportation is available from many areas, both inside and outside Jerusalem. For transportation info please click here.

For directions to Kraft Family Stadium, please click here.

Camp hours are Sunday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. The Extended Day program is 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m

For a sample weekly schedule, please click here. (An attachment will open on your computer.)

Please note:

- Space is limited, and spots will be given as available - we do expect registration to fill up.

- Early Registration discounts apply only if registration and payment are completed during this period.

- There is no camp on Tisha B’Av.

- Registrations completed less than one week before you are starting camp must be confirmed by the camp office (you can just shoot us an email).

- Registrations and all participation is subject to the Terms of Participation.

Summer 2017 - Prices

Below are prices per week, in NIS, for Short Day (8:30-13:30) and Extended Day (8:30-15:30).

Families can register for individual weeks, or any combination of weeks.

Please note:

- The “Multi-Week/Sibling Discount” applies to families registering for 3 weeks or more - the computer will automatically apply this discount to families with siblings registered for a total of 3 weeks or more, and the discount applies to all of the kids in the family (including the first kid).

- The Early and "Super-Early" Discounts apply if registration and payment are completed during this period.

Oh, and here’s a tip - it’s very worthwhile to get the “Super-Early Discount”. It’s our way to thank families for helping us with the logistics of planning a great summer. We love giving it - and you’ll love getting it! (If you missed it this year, click here to email us and make sure you’re on our list to get it next time!)

Prices include “aruchat eser”, snacks, drinks, shirts, hats, insurance, trips, and all activities, as well as lunch during Extended Day.

Super-Early Registration (completed by May 9th):

Multi-week discount - Short Day 566. Extended Day 726.

For “Super-Early Registration”, all weeks get the multi-week price (even if you register for just one week) - as we said, we love giving the “Super-Early Discount”!

Early Registration (completed by June 1st):

Individual Weeks - Short Day 666. Extended Day 826.

Multi-week/Sibling discount - Short Day 616. Extended Day 776.

"Not Too Early" Registration (completed by June 18th):

Individual Weeks - Short Day 686. Extended Day 846.

Multi-week/Sibling discount - Short Day 636. Extended Day 796.

"Not Too Late" Registration (completed by July 18th):

Individual Weeks - Short Day 726. Extended Day 886.

Multi-week/Sibling discount - Short Day 676. Extended Day 836.

Very Late Registration (completed after July 18th):

Individual Weeks - Short Day 766. Extended Day 926.

Multi-week/Sibling discount - Short Day 716. Extended Day 876.

Prices, discounts, and availability are subject to change.

For transportation info and prices, click here.

You can always contact us with any questions, at, or at 050-790-4788.