Terms of Participation

Kids are All Stars
Kids have different abilities, backgrounds, levels of experience, and challenges. That goes for sports as well as other areas of life (and it goes for grown-ups, too!)
Camp should be a place where all kids can explore and realize their potential in new areas, and new fields of interest – a place where kids are all stars.
For everyone at camp, this means showing good sportsmanship, and understanding that we all play at different levels, but we can all play together.

Good Sportsmanship
Good Sportsmanship isn't always easy – just like any other skill in life, sometimes it takes practice. Each participant at All Star Israel Sports Camp commits to do their best to treat their fellow campers and counselors with respect, to graciously help fellow campers who want to improve skills or learn new ones, never to use violence, and to practice good sportsmanship.

All Stars Play Safe
Health and safety are of paramount importance at camp. All participants must do their best to maintain safety for themselves and others. This includes following the instructions of counselors and staff specialists.

At All Star Israel, we do our best to enable all kids to be included. If there are any health or safety concerns or issues specific to your child, make sure to inform us of these issues and ensure that they have been fully addressed.

Parents/guardians hereby fully consent to their children's participation in all activities, including swimming and water parks, leaving the grounds of the camp for trips and other activities, and being included in published camp photos/videos, and hereby affirm that there is no medical or safety reason to prevent or limit their children from participation, and that participants are covered by Israeli Kupat Cholim [health fund]and/or full health insurance. In the event that any medical or safety issue exists, including one which could prevent or limit participation, parents/guardians commit to immediately inform All Star Israel in writing, and to assure that the issue has been properly addressed.

All Stars Play Fair
All Star Israel works hard to treat employees and suppliers with respect, and is committed to upholding labor law. Our discounts and cancellation policy are structured to enable us to commit to employees – many of whom are young people just starting out in life, and all of whom deserve a fair shake.

Cancellation Policy
In the case of a cancellation in writing more than 30 days before the beginning of the program the participant is registered for, a full refund less NIS 50 will be given, for each week. In the case of a cancellation in writing more than 10 days before the beginning of the program the participant is registered for, a 50% refund will be given. Later cancellations can not be credited with refunds. (Please note that cancellations also may affect discounts). Likewise, for this reason, discounts are finalized upon payment.

All programs are held subject to sufficient registration.

Final Note: One of the ramifications of the mitzvah of "lifnei iver lo titen michshol", the commandment not to "place a stumbling block before a blind person", is that one should keep a written record of debts and obligations that others have to you. If you don't, and they forget that they owe you something and refuse to repay it, they are sinning - and you are causing them to sin. (-Rabbi Ben Hollander, in the name of Nechama Leibowitz.)
All Star Israel is happy to try to accommodate requests, (and we love creative suggestions for camp!). There is simply no way that we could possibly remember every verbal request and logistical detail by heart. We don't want to be in a position that we verbally agree to a request, which we later forget or can not accommodate. Therefore, while we are happy to try to accommodate requests whenever possible, only our written or email responses, confirmations, and receipts are binding.

Parents/guardians registering campers for All Star Israel Sports Camp, and participants, commit to abide by these terms of participation.